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Entry #1

=o hmmm

2009-04-27 11:18:51 by rishro29

:O bored...and i wanted a post ;] so there u go


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2009-04-27 12:59:20

i hereby take the virginity of ur comment box XP

rishro29 responds:

:O!!!!!!!!!!!!! .....i didnt even kno my comment box had its virginity


2009-05-18 06:56:18

yikes! poor comment box!!


2009-05-18 06:58:40

oh well, nice to meet ya!

*shakes hands*

so, hows it going down here?? amned?p=0&ss=0


2009-05-18 07:10:12

poor you, poor comment box!!


2013-12-12 18:19:25

coment box was taken back in like 1999 when newgrounds opened.
also comment box is kind of a slut... also ... comment box is very smart cus it uses protection threw the mouse or touch screen. go comment box! you know how to live! XD ps- Skype and kik me. im rsstaraptor
, lol